Posted: March 30, 2011 in Political Views

The recent crisis of capitalism, leads us to revival of Marxism. The revolutionary Marxists, of course, have their vision and perspective of the the future and what they wish to achieve. In order to construct this vision there are three interlinked study and understanding to be achieved. Firstly, the understanding of Capitalism and its crisis (the roots of crisis, trajectory to present, and political conclusions). Secondly, the understanding the future society, that is the “transition from capitalism to socialism”. (the concept of socialism and the role tof state). Thirdly and most importantly, the organisational methods of surmounting and transcending from capitalism to socialism (concept of revolutianry organisation and its intervention in mass institutions).

The first and second points is characterised by development of Marxist theories by returning to Marx (we are witnessing this trend in international scale). The third point is characterised by construction of “revived avant-garde tendencies” (fundamentally different to traditional so called “Marxist”, “Leninist”, “Trotskyist” organisations which formed the caricature of revolutionary organisation in the past)  by returning to the positive and negative experiences of the Russian Revolution (this process is not obvious to many activits and is counterposed by “neo-utopian socialists”). These three elements form a unity. One from other is incomplete, and does not give a totality of solution to capitalist system and building a socialist society.


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