Labour Fight 6

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Action IWSN

Labour Fight no 6

What Labour Fight Stands For

Labour Fight is opposed to the Capitalist system. In enriching the few at the expense of the many, it places billions in poverty, promotes war and offers no solution to disease, crime, social degradation and an impending environmental catastrophe.

Labour Fight stands for the creation of a Socialist society on a world scale. Socialist revolution is the taking of economic and political power by the working class. The working people will take control of their own affairs, making decisions for the good of the whole of society on a collective basis. We reject Stalinism that signalled the defeat of Socialism in the Soviet Union and lead to the restoration of Capitalism in Russia and the surrounding countries. Socialism is democratic and internationalist or it is nothing.

The movement for Socialism strives to abolish the class system that is at the root of the social ills of Capitalism such as racial prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, religious belief or disability.

Labour Fight stands for the creation of a  revolutionary organisation of the working class without which it will not be possible to fundamentally change society. In order to achieve this aim it is vitally important that the leading activists in the working class movement – the vanguard- prepare to build an organisation that is independent of the mass reformist parties.

This is not an automatic process. There will be differences in the ideas, strategy and tactics needed which will be tested by the working class, which is the only class that will overthrow Capitalism. This is why the revolutionary organisation must be thoroughly democratic. Disciplined unity and the open discussion of differences are not mutually exclusive and are in fact essential in building a vanguard party capable of leading a revolution.

Labour Fight recognises that workers and young people develop awareness of the need to change society regardless of the leaders of political parties, left groups, unions or single issue campaigns. However without a vanguard party ‘socialist consciousness’ will recede along with the movement that challenges only the effects of Capitalism.

Capitalism is prone to crisis. Preparing the forces for the construction of an international Revolutionary organisation is an urgent and vital task in order that the movement can challenge the system itself and destroy Capitalism. The construction of a Socialist society led by the working class, based on the organs of a new state- the workers’ councils, can then take place. Real human history can then begin !

This is not a complete or finished programme. This can only be fully developed by the movement itself those struggling against Capitalism in the workplace, the colleges and on the streets. Join us !




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