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Bin Laden’s assassination and US ‘justice’

Labour Fight- Morad Shirin

In the lead up to his week-long European tour President Barack Obama has had to defend US imperialism’s assassination of an unarmed Osama Bin Laden once again. Immediately after the extrajudicial execution Obama, the former law professor, said in a special televised address that “Justice has been done”! (more…)


Spanish Youth Capture Spirit of Tahrir !

Labour Fight- John William

Over the last few days, ahead of Sunday’s local elections in Spain, there have been massive occupations of town and city squares across the country, which in Madrid has prevented a recent PSOE election rally from taking place, despite the efforts of the police! (more…)

PCS- Serious action needed

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Labour Fight

PCS- Serious action needed

Labour Fight- Len Matthews

Back in January I commented on the PCS membership ballot on changes to the compensation scheme (CSCS) which overwhelmingly rejected the new terms imposed by the ConDems and backed the union’s stance on cuts and privatisation. So what has happened since then? (more…)

The Alternative Voting System – Yes or No ?

Labour Fight- Kate Williams

On 5th May voters will have the chance to vote in a referendum on changing the electoral system to the Alternative Voting (AV) method. So what is AV ? (more…)

May Day Greetings

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Labour Fight

May Day Greetings

Labour Fight would like to convey best fraternal greetings to all readers on International Workers’ Day. We will be out on the streets today ! (more…)

Seven Iranian labour organisations: workers brought to ruin by targeted subsidies

On the eve of International Labour Day, seven major labour organisations in Iran issued a joint statement demanding pay rises and the right to strike and form independent labour organisations (more…)