May Day Greetings

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Labour Fight

May Day Greetings

Labour Fight would like to convey best fraternal greetings to all readers on International Workers’ Day. We will be out on the streets today !Following the monster demo in March, the coming weeks will be important for the movement. The LibDems face electoral meltdown in the council elections. A no vote to the Alternative Voting system will also signal a major blow to them, despite it being a compromise from the start.

The pause on NHS ‘reform’, called by the Tory high command to take the heat out of building opposition, is nevertheless an opportunity for the Trade Unions and anti-cuts groups to bring further pressure to bear. Ballots for industrial action are looking likely on public sector pension cuts which could unite up to a million workers in a strike in June.

Meanwhile, the British ruling class are attempting to distract us with pretensions that ‘we’ are still a ‘world power’ by increasing interference in Libya. If protection of civilians is so important where are the air strikes on Syria, Bahrain, Yemen ?!

On today, 1 May, we call for solidarity with all workers, poor and oppressed peoples fighting for change in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. We oppose imperialist interference in whatever guise. As a first step, the best aid we can extend to our brothers and sisters is to fight to organise a general strike and bring down the ConDem government !

John Williams


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