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The Necessity of Marxists’ Convergence and the Marxist Revival Project

The following is Maziar Razi’s speech at the Marxist Revival seminar in Cologne, Germany, on November 22, 2013.

Maziar Razi

In the current situation the convergence of Marxists at the international level is on the agenda. The concept of convergence, from a Marxist perspective, is to break with the existing series of distorted views and traditions in the labour movement and, on that basis, to determine the components for Marxist convergence for the purpose of intervention in the Labour movement and preparation for the socialist revolution.

In order to determine the components of convergence, Marxists must return to Karl Marx’s own theories, analytical approach and method.



Dear Mr Corbyn

Your tireless work as a Member of Parliament for over thirty years includes supporting many causes that go unreported by the capitalist media or are not supported by other politicians, groups or organisations.corbyn


In the past few years, especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the crisis of “left-wing” tendencies throughout the world has become deeper than ever before. Some of the supporters of the Soviet Union have become so weak, hopeless and pessimistic that a few have committed suicide, and even the optimists, have given up their “left-wing” pretences. Others have no plans and are involved in a search for “new” theories so that they can justify their continuing political existence. Centrist [Centrism meaning to swing between a revolutionary and reformist position] tendencies have mostly sought refuge in the arms of social democracy and have brought their whole past into question. (more…)

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