Maziar Razi,  IMT Congress 2008,  Barcelona

Maziar Razi was born into a left-wing (albeit Stalinist) family and he has been surrounded by political debate, discussion and protest all his life. From the age of  4 – 5 years he was taking part in protests and was first arrested at the age of 6. He took part in anti-Shah protests from when he was 15-16 years old. His family, to prevent him from “getting into trouble”, sent him abroad to continue his education. From the age of 16-17, however, Maziar became active with the International Marxist Group (IMG), the British section of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International (USFI). Since then he has been consistently involved in various anti-war (beginning with anti-Vietnam War protests in London, in 1968), anti-capitalist and anti-dictatorship struggles.As the first Iranian Trotskyist, Maziar Razi was instrumental in recruiting other Iranians into the USFI. In subsequent years, together with other Iranian Trotskyists, he formed an Iranian Commission of the USFI and was one of the principle leaders of the Socialist Workers’ Party (Hezb-e Kargaran-e Socialist), section of the USFI in 1978.During the past 40 years Maziar Razi has been a revolutionary Marxist and contributed a great deal, organisationally and theoretically, to the Iranian working class movement. During 1978-83 the period of the Iranian revolution Maziar Razi was responsible in developing the sections of the HKS in the provinces, including Kurdistan and work among the oil workers of Khuzestan. It was because of his intervention within the oil workers’ organisations that Maziar Razi became one of the first political prisoners of the Islamic Republic.Maziar Razi is now the editor of Militaant, spokesperson of the Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency (IRMT), and a political activist in the Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network.  And from 2016 in Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign.

In 2008 IRMT joined IMT. But, in 2010 it left IMT for the reason of unprincipled support of IMT leadership (Alan Woods) of Chavez, in relation to his support of Ahmadinejad in the light of suppression of hundred of thousands of Iranian youth in the streets of major cities of Iran, against the fraudulent election.

Maziar Razi‘s articles in: English, French, Spanish, TurkishFarsi

Amongst many editorial and analytical articles and interviews in Farsi, Maziar Razi has published several books and pamphlets in Farsi on Marxism and working class organisational issues. They include:

Maziar Razi has also written introductions to the following classics which have been recently re-published and also appear on the Farsi section of MIA:

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