According to the report of our comrades in Iran, yesterday (14th February 2011) hundred of thousands protestors marched in Tehran. This vast march was called by the leaders of “reformist” section of ruling clique (Mousavi and Karoobi), in support of north Africa recent uprisings. Although the reformist leaders did not themselves participate in the demonstration (they were reportedly stopped by the police), and it was requested by them to be a “silence” march. thousands of the youth very loudly chanted “down with dictators”, for democracy and freedom. (report also in front page of Financial Times today).

The regime had prepared to suppress this demonstration in advance, by arresting up to 20 journalists and writers and activity, last week, and announce the demonstration “illegal” to intimidate the youth. police used teargas, the plain cloth police and thugs on motorbikes attacked the demonstrator and one of demonstrators was killed and many injured. This upsurge, after last year election fraudulent demonstrations, shows the militancy of the youth in Iran regardless of the presence of reformists at their leadership.


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