Es handelt sich hierbei um Maziar Razis Rede beim Marxist Revival Seminar in Hamburg  am 12. 07. 2014.

maziar razi

In der jetzigen Situation ist die Vereinigung der Marxisten auf internationaler Ebene auf der Tagesordnung. Das Konzept der Vereinigung beinhaltet aus der Sicht eines Marxisten die verzerrten Ansichten und Traditionen in der Arbeiterbewegung hinter sich zu lassen und auf dieser Basis  für die Intervention in der Arbeiterbewegung und Vorbereitung für eine sozialistische Revolution, die Komponenten der Vereinigung zu bestimmen.

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In June 2007 the two Israeli members of the International Marxist Tendency supported Hamas’s takeover of the Gaza Strip going so far as to call it a “victory against imperialism” and a “liberation” (Yehuda Stern, 19 June 2007).

There then followed a month of discussions between the International Centre and the Israeli comrades on the fundamental errors of this position. Despite this, during the IEC meeting in July, Yossi Schwartz not only defended this line but extended it to include the unconditional military defence of the Iranian regime. He said that in the event of a US attack on Iran the Iranian comrades should “join the Iranian army”!

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Le texte qui suit est le discours prononcé par Maziar Razi lors du séminaire de Marxist Revival à Cologne, en Allemagne, le 22 Novembre 2013.

Dans la situation actuelle, la convergence des marxistes au niveau international est à l’ordre du jour. L’idée de convergence, d’un point de vue marxiste, consiste à rompre avec les conceptions et traditions déformées existant actuellement dans le mouvement ouvrier et, sur cette base, de déterminer les conditions d’une convergence marxiste ayant pour objectif d’intervenir dans le mouvement ouvrier et de préparer la révolution socialiste.

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The following is Maziar Razi’s speech at the Marxist Revival seminar in Cologne, Germany, on November 22, 2013.

Maziar Razi

In the current situation the convergence of Marxists at the international level is on the agenda. The concept of convergence, from a Marxist perspective, is to break with the existing series of distorted views and traditions in the labour movement and, on that basis, to determine the components for Marxist convergence for the purpose of intervention in the Labour movement and preparation for the socialist revolution.

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Internationalism: Towards building Marxist Revival – response to questions. Video clip of Maziar Razi at the Hamburg Seminar, 12 July 2014.

Internationalism: Towards building Marxist Revival. Video clip of Maziar Razi at the Hamburg Seminar, 12 July 2014.

Three concepts of democracy

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Political Views

The following article by Maziar Razi was first published in Marxist Revival No. 3.

The following is the English translation of the transcript of a discussion at a Marxist Revival meeting in February 2014.


In this meeting I will try to present a basic and short outline of the discussion, because you can have detailed discussions on the various issues around it. In this session, in contrast to the other two views of “democracy”, I wanted to comment about socialist democracy.

The first reason for this is that in the next period the question of democracy (as well as the concept of socialism), can be one of the bases of convergence between revolutionary Marxists.(1) These two concepts, i.e., the concepts of “democracy” and “socialism” are in some ways linked to each other. Because both of these issues have been much misrepresented, and there are numerous conflicting arguments around them. As revolutionary Marxists we have to distinguish clearly our opinions from other different shades of understanding of the concepts of “democracy” and “socialism”. In a previous interview (see interview with the Socialist Komala TV), I dealt with the main points of the concept of socialism. However, in this discussion, I will focus on the Marxist concept of democracy.

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